Allow the same inventory item more than once on a sales order..we sometimes give a "free" one in addition to buying one

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This is frequently required for my business. We often include a free item along with the same item at normal price. We also have items included in a package offer at one price point plus the same item at the normal price.

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  • Can you put a free promotional item on the sale order?

    We've been struggling iwth that.

  • You can currently use 100% discount to arrive at 0 total due. We are working on upgrading the system to allow zero price as well.

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  • The ability to add one SKU multiple times works, but NOT in picking. We comment the variables between each part, since so much is built to order. The Picking and Packing combine it all in the back end, which makes it impossible to select by line.

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  • Although the same inventory item can be repeated more than once on a sales order, it is not allowed to import repeated items when creating a quote, sale, or invoice. If we export to excel to work on the items, then we cannot import them back! I hope to resolve this issue.
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