Q: An inventory write-off shows two different effective dates, instead of the single effective date we used when we created the write-off. Why is this so?

A: There are a couple of scenarios that might explain this.

  1. The invoice related to the stock was not yet authorised when you created the write-off. Once the invoice was authorised, the specific invoice date was used for the write-off as well. 
  2. There was a cost adjustment/update on the Inventory write-off after it was created. For example, expenses/costs might have been allocated to the original purchase where the stocks came from. In this case, the effective date will reflect the date on which the cost adjustments were made. 

In both cases, checking the Movements tab of the products included in the write-off will give you the reasons for the discrepancies.

Q: There is an unstock movement on one of our products, yet Unstock has not been authorised. We want to know why this happened.


A: It is probable that the original account used in the invoice is an expense type account, which is the only reason the stock was immediately written off. Later on, the account was changed to a current asset type inventory account. To reinstate stocks, simply open the purchase order, edit the note, and click Save. This should correct the entries.

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