DEAR allows changing your product SKUs in bulk through the Import/Export facility on the Products page. This makes the update process faster since you don't have to look for individual products and update their SKUs one by one when required.

Import and export is done via a CSV file. To know more about the CSV file template, see Template File Specifications.

You can import products with updated SKUs into DEAR using a CSV file. For more information, see Importing Updated Product SKUs in Bulk

You can also export updated SKUs out of DEAR if required. For more information, see Exporting Updated Product SKUs in Bulk.


Template File Specifications

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If product SKUs stored in a third-party system are updated, you need to export them out of the system into a CSV file. To help you prepare the file for import into DEAR, the specifications of the template file that you will download under Step 3 in Importing product SKUs are given in Table 1.

The product's current SKU. DEAR will look for this SKU and update it with its new SKU.
The product's new SKU. This will replace the current SKU in DEAR after the Import process is completed.
The name of the product

Importing Updated Product SKUs in Bulk

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If you are using a third-party system for your products, you can import products with updated SKUs from your system to DEAR via a CSV file, the specifications of which can be found in the Template File Specifications table above.

To import products with updated SKUs:  

  1. Navigate to Inventory → Products.
  2. On the Products page, click the Import button at the top, then select Bulk SKU Change from the list.
  3. On the Import SKU Updates page, download the template file, which has the correct product headings DEAR needs to import the updated product SKUs. Take note of the download folder.
  4. Navigate to the download folder, then open the template file (for the complete template file specifications, see Table 1). 
  5. Using Excel or another spreadsheet program, copy and paste the product SKUs that you exported out of your third-party system into the template. Make sure the data you copy matches the column headings provided in the template.
  6. Import the file back into DEAR by either dragging it into the designated spot or selecting it from your computer. If the upload is successful and an error message does not appear, proceed to Step 7. Otherwise, skip to Step 8.
  7. If the template file does not have any issues, the records are uploaded into DEAR. 
  8. An error message appears if there is an issue with the template file. If there are valid products that can be uploaded into DEAR, click the Upload Valid Lines button to upload the valid products into DEAR. To download a file with the invalid products, click the Download Invalid Lines button. Review the template file, making sure to check that it conforms with the template specifications outlined in Table 1, then repeat the process, starting with Step 6.

Exporting Updated Product SKUs in Bulk

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You can export products with updated SKUs to a CSV file for further analysis and/or manipulation from outside the system, then either re-import it back to DEAR or to another system, for example, your accounting application.

  1. Navigate to Inventory →  Products.
  2. On the Products page, click the Export button at the top, then select Bulk SKU Change from the list.
  3. When prompted, download the file to your computer, taking note of the download folder.

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