Every time the available quantity of a product in your inventory changes, DEAR logs the change. All logging is done asynchronously to prevent any performance issues in DEAR.


Table of Contents

  1. Viewing a Product's Available Quantity Change Log
  2. The Log Format

Viewing a Product's Available Quantity Change Log

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Like all other activities in DEAR, the change logs can be found in the product's Details page, specifically in the Movements tab. Undo and void operations are also shown on the logs. 

To view the logs:

  1. Navigate to Inventory -> Products.
  2. Select the product with the log that you want to view.
  3. Click the Movements tab.
  4. Select Show availability changes from the dropdown list, then press Enter or click the Search button. The logged activity is then displayed below. 
    • You will also be given the option of filtering by Sales Channel and Action

The Log Format

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By default, the read-only logs are arranged in descending order. The table below shows the format of the logs.

Column Name
DateShows the event's date and timestamp
User NameShows the user who performed the action (or if it was a system action)
ActionShows the activity that was logged
ReferenceDEAR Task reference number from DEAR and link to task
LocationFor DEAR events, DEAR Location where event had happened is displayed.
For external API calls, Sale Channel Store and Sale Channel Location where event happened will be shown.
Quantity MovedQuantity of items moved in the task.
For kits, quantity of items moved will always be N/A.
For kits, Available Quantity will be calculated.
For API external calls, quantity moved will always be N/A.
Available Quantity in StockQuantity of items available in location, after the event
StatusShows status of the event, Success or Fail

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