The Costing Method assigned to each product will affect whether the system automatically picks stocks to fulfil an order or whether the stock can be selected by the user. The costing methods that allow the user more control in picking stock are Special - Batch, Special - Serial Number

If you have Added or Adjusted stock through Stock Adjustment or Stocktake, the effect on your stock quantities will always be upon completion of the Stock Adjustment or Stocktake. Stock will be available for Picking based on the actual completion date of the Stock Adjustment or Stocktake; the Effective Date is only for the purpose of dating Manual journals that will be generated by an adjustment. 

NOTE: The system will prioritise Stock Picking in the Location selected in your Sale header. If there is not enough stock to fulfil the order, DEAR will check other locations still taking into consideration the costing method assigned to products. If there is insufficient stock, the status will remain at Picking until there is enough stock to fulfil the order.

To enable picking from multiple locations:

  1. Navigate to Settings → General Settings → Sale Process Customisation. Users will need the Settings - Your Company - General Settings permission to change this setting. 
  2. Change the Available Quantity is Limited to option to All locations.
  3. Save changes.

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