DEAR has two options for removing products from your inventory. Products can be deprecated, which removes them from active inventory (cannot be selected for purchase/sale/production etc.) but keeps a record of their information. Deprecated products can then be deleted to completely remove all of their records from the system. Only products which have NOT been used in any transactions or operations (purchase, sale, inventory, production, etc.) can be completely deleted. 

Users will need full access to the Inventory - Products & Families permission to change a product's status to deprecated. 

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Delete a product

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A product's status must be changed from Active to Deprecated before it can be deleted. 

NOTE: Product families can be deleted from the product families list screen. Multiple product families can be deleted at once. Deletion first deprecates all product family variants, then deletes deprecated variants if possible, then deletes the family. If a product family variant has already been used in DEAR operations (sale, purchase, production, etc.), it will not be deleted but instead remain deprecated. The product family will be deleted regardless. See Delete a Product Family for more information. 

  1. Navigate to Inventory → Products.
  2. Select the Product to delete.
  3. Change the Status from Active to Deprecated and Save the product. To deprecate large numbers of products at once, see Deprecate products in Bulk.
  1. Go back to Inventory → Products.
  2. Click More → Delete Deprecated Products.
  3. Click Delete to confirm. This will delete all products with Deprecated status unless they have been used in a transaction.

Deprecate products in bulk

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Deprecate large numbers of products at once via Inventory List CSV file. 

  1. Navigate to Inventory → Products
  2. Click Export → Inventory List and download the CSV file. 
  3. Changing the status of each item to delete from Active to Deprecated in the CSV file and save changes. 
  4. Click Import → Inventory List and upload the edited file. 

Why can't I delete my products?

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Product is not Deprecated

Check the product status and ensure it is set to Deprecated and not Active

Product has been used in transactions/operations

Products that have been used in Purchase/Sale/Production/Inventory operations cannot be deleted. This includes draft sales, draft purchases, etc. Check where a product has been used from the Movements tab of the product detail screen - these tasks must be undone or voided before the product can be deleted. 

Product is linked to external sales channel

Products linked to external sales channels cannot be deleted. This includes being listed on DEAR channels such as B2B and POS. Check if the product is linked to external sales channels from the Channels tab of the product detail screen. Remove the product from any channels. 

View deprecated products

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Deprecated products can still be viewed on the Products screen provided Only active is unchecked. 

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