A customer returns submissions form can be added to your B2B portal, allowing customers to quickly and easily submit their return requests and view the status of their returns. This includes sales processed through Cin7 Core web portal, as well as sales from integrated eCommerce channels such as Shopify, WooCommerce, etc. 

Any Cin7 Core customer can submit a returns requests via the returns portal with an order number or invoice number and email address simply by accessing the relevant URL. 

NOTE: Active B2B integration must be added to your subscription in order to use this feature. 

Customers can not use this form to submit returns requests for products no longer covered by the returns policy. If a customer still believes they are entitled to a refund, they should contact your organization so an RMA manager can initiate an RMA manually. 


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Configure returns submission form

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The B2B portal returns submission is enabled and configured from the Setup menu in your B2B portal admin panel (Integrations → B2B → [Select portal]). Scroll down to RMA module and slide Enable product return form to active to display the other settings. 

Next, select a Return delivery location, where returned products will be received from the customer. If this field is left blank, the RMA officer will have to select the return location before authorizing the RMA. 

The return portal link will allow any Cin7 Core customer to request a return with an order number or invoice number and the email address linked to the sale order. This includes sales for the same organization that were processed through the Cin7 Core web portal or via an integrated sales channel such as Shopify, WooCommerce, etc. 

We recommend adding the return portal link to your invoice document template, email template, or eCommerce communications to make it easy for your customers to access your returns submission form.

See Managing document and email templates for more information on customization.

Submit a returns request

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Any Cin7 Core customer can submit a returns requests via the Return portal link with an order number, invoice number customer reference, and email address. A customer does not need to be registered to use the B2B portal in order to use the return portal link.

Returns requests can be submitted for sales for the same organization that were processed through the Cin7 Core web portal or an integrated sales channel. Any paid order is available for return regardless of fulfillment status, and any fulfilled or partially fulfilled order is available for return regardless of payment status.

The customer will be sent a link to the associated email to confirm their login. 

This will open a summary of the order details and allow the user to select which products, and how many, are available to be returned. The return policy field will show what policies are applicable to a product, and can be clicked to view the policy's text in more details. If a product is no longer covered by the return policy but the user still wishes to negotiate a return, the user will need to contact the merchant directly. 

Selecting Qty to return and clicking Add return request will take the user to the next page. 

On the Return request page, the user can enter Packing condition, Reason for return, and the requested Return type (refund, replacement, or repair according to the applicable return policy attributes). Clicking Notes and attachments allows the user to enter text or attach images showing the problem if necessary. 

The user then clicks Submit return request to continue. On the next page, the user confirms their shipping address and return details before submitting.

View returns status

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Customers using the B2B portal to track their returns can either log in to the return submissions form again with their order number and email, or log in as a B2B user, then visit the All returns page.

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