DEAR allows you to mark quotes as rejected if they have been unsuccessful. When quote approval is enabled, three new options are added to filter the sales list, Awaiting approvalRejected and All but Rejected and Voided. Sales Reporting (Sale Outstanding Report, Sales Overview Report and Sale Order Detail Report) is modified to support inclusion of Rejected Sales. 


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Enable Quote Approval

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Quote Approval is enabled from the General Settings. 

  1. Navigate to General Settings → Sale process customisation
  2. Change Enable Quote Approval to Yes. This will automatically enable Order Approval as well. 

Approve or Reject Quotes

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Quote Approval is applied to Simple Sales, Service Sales and Advanced Sales. 

Once a quote is authorised, instead of going directly to the Order tab, the options Reject and Approve will appear. 

  • Clicking Approve will continue to the Order tab as usual to continue the sale process. 
  • Clicking Reject will convert the sale quote to a rejected sale. Rejected sales are read-only, and payments cannot be applied. 

Review Rejected Quotes

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Rejected quotes will display a Review button. Clicking Review returns the quote to Draft status, where it can be authorised again, and the sale process can be continued. 

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