Crossfire provides the most comprehensive EDI/API integration solution with DEAR Systems. 

Are you looking to integrate with your retail customers, suppliers, or your 3PL warehouse, or another system that doesn’t already have an integration with DEAR? 

Crossfire handles the entire setup for you, liaising with your trading partners, and setting the integration up on the Crossfire Integration Platform so you can get on with running your business. No in-house EDI knowledge required.

Streamlined processes, full visibility, and simple pricing.


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What is integration with EDI?

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Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is a process where orders, invoices, and other business transactions are passed electronically between business systems. It requires a specialised system to manage this process, and the expertise to keep it going.

Crossfire integration use cases

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Common EDI Requirements:

  • Sales Orders: Have orders from retailers or customers automatically loaded into DEAR Systems via Crossfire Cloud EDI.
  • Advanced Shipping Notifications: Send shipping notices to your customers when sales orders are marked as completed.
  • Invoices: Send invoices automatically to your customers or your accounting package using Crossfire Cloud EDI. 

Other EDI Requirements:

  • Purchase Orders: Have purchase orders sent from your supplier automatically entered into DEAR Systems via Crossfire Cloud EDI. 
  • Inventory Balances: Have your inventory on-hand in DEAR Systems updated via Crossfire Cloud EDI from your 3rd party logistics provider, or online stores you drop ship for.
  • Product Updates: Automatically enter new products from another system (POS) into DEAR Systems, or automatically load new products from DEAR Systems into your POS or accounting package.
  • Transport Orders: Complete a Sales Invoice in DEAR Systems and have Crossfire Cloud EDI send a pickup request to your courier or transport company.

Retail example

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3PL example

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What is actually involved

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Many Crossfire customers use systems such as DEAR to manage their inventory. To enable data to flow in and out of these systems when data is being exchanged between trading partners, these different systems have developed APIs to allow specified data to pass through. To pull/push data in and out of these systems, an integration solution provider such as Crossfire has to develop a way to enable certain messages to pass through transports (such as FTP and AS2). Calls to the systems API's will need to be developed and once these are set up it allows for EDI to take place.

Connect to Crossfire

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Step 1

Get in contact with Crossfire here. Tell us about your business and what you are looking to achieve.

Once we understand your requirements, our expert team will advise on the best solution for your business.

Step 2

Crossfire will set up and configure your API/EDI integration in our system.

Step 3

Any good integration will involve testing. Crossfire will test the integration with whoever you are integrating with, ensuring a robust setup.

Step 4

Go live. You will now have a free flow of data getting pushed into and pulled out of DEAR.

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