Shiptheory Integration

Shiptheory is a shipping integration application. It connects your business directly to carriers, allows you to set shipping rules to control how orders are sent with your carriers, and print shipping labels. By integrating Shiptheory with DEAR, you can import the tracking number to DEAR and print automatically generated shipping labels during the DEAR ship process. 

For more information, please refer to Shiptheory.


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Shiptheory Integration Setup

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  1. Navigate to DEAR Systems > Integration > Shiptheory. The Shiptheory login screen will be displayed.

  2. Use your Shiptheory login credentials.
  3. Click Connect Shiptheory. The Shiptheory integration settings screen will be displayed. 

Integration Settings

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Connecting Shiptheory will take you to the integration settings page. Some Shiptheory integration settings can be customised. If you make any changes to the default settings, make sure to click Save Changes upon completing them. If more than one shipping service is connected, you can click Set Default to set Shiptheory as your default service.

Currency in Shiptheory: This sets the currency to be used in Shiptheory. This MUST match the currency value set under Settings > General Settings in DEAR.

Send a Notification on Shipping Label Generation: Enable to trigger an internal notification on the generation of a shipping label. 

Set Default: Set Shiptheory as your default shipping service. Label printing will be done through Shiptheory (relevant if multiple shipping services are connected). This option is not visible if Shiptheory has already been set as your default shipping service.

Disconnect from your Shiptheory

Click this button to disconnect and stop using Shiptheory.

Printing Shipping Labels

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DEAR allows printing of shipping labels from Shiptheory. This option appears at the Ship tab of the sales process for Simple Sales and Advanced Sales. You can also print shipping labels from the DEAR Warehouse Management Solution (WMS) app. 

  1.  On a new or existing sale, process the sale as far as the Ship tab. Make sure you have entered a valid shipping address in the Shipping Address field – Shiptheory only works with real addresses.

  2.  Click Shipping Label. The page to enter shipment and recipient details will be displayed.

  3. Enter all the required fields marked with the red asterisk. 
  4. Click Generate Label. The Ship tab carrier info will be automatically filled in, including the tracking number.

The Shipping Label will be generated automatically in PDF format, where it can be printed. 

Disconnecting from Shiptheory

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If you stop using Shiptheory, it is easy to disable the integration. Go to Integrations > Shiptheory, click Disconnect to disconnect Shiptheory from DEAR Systems.

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