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Hi we are a wholesaler distributor with many lines and a lot of online customers 

We are wanting to drop ship for our customers after a few chat it s look like we can give a feed but the order drops in to our dear system at the price sold on the Magento or shopify for example 

which means the customer who owns website doesnt make any money 

We need the order to drop in the dear system at a wholesale price where its sold at a retail price ?

hope this makes sense 

We were told at the start dropship was a feature but finding hard to understand how anyone does this 

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  • We are also in the process of setting up a dropship supplier. Dear places the order to the supplier at the price shown on the "Suppliers" tab of the product. The online sale is completed at the price shown on the "Prices" tab of the product. That part seems to work.

    But in our case, the PO is created for the dropship supplier, but we cannot find a way to automatically email the PO. Every sale requires manual intervention which kind of defeats the purpose of the whole ecommerce system.

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1 person has this question
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