Custom images for PayPal and Stripe links on invoices

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We are trying to use custom paylink images for Paypal and Stripe on our invoices because the default images are not very professional. Our problem is that if we use the default paylink merge fields (PayPalPay & StripePay) then the links work correctly, but when we use the custom images (PayPalPayLink & StripePayLink) then the PayPal link points to the Stripe payment gateway as well. So it is merging, but it is generating a link to the wrong payment gateway. We have tried updating fields and the whole story but still they both point to Stripe.

Can anyone confirm if these are working correctly for them? Or can DEAR check that there is not a bug in the merge code on their internal side?

Here is our code:


Reference info is here:

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  • I reinserted the links from scratch, and swopped them around so that Stripe was first. Now they both point to PayPal and not Stripe! something is broken... :-(

  •  It seems that the custom links only work as expected if they have a carriage return between them. That unfortunately means that they cannot easily be placed side by side on the document.

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1 person has this question
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