Creating order via API - Additional Details

started a topic over 8 years ago

When creating orders via the API, there are a couple of fields that DEAR does not have and I'm wondering where to put this information.


Shipping methods and shipping costs. There is no place for it in the order API. I've seen that DEAR's integration with Shopify adds it into an Invoice line, but the API documentation doesn't provide any way to add invoice information, only items.


Order level discounts. Some Order sources have order level discounts instead of item level discounts. DEAR order API doesn't list any fields this can be placed. Again it could possibly be placed in an extra invoice line if the API provided access.

So, are there any places to place this data? If the best place to put it is an invoice line, how can that be done via the API without also making it an item line?

  • Any chance of being able to add serial numbers of items sold?


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