DEAR + XERO + Woocommerce

started a topic over 8 years ago

Hi Guys,

I've used quickbooks online before but due to various reasons decided to switch to Xero. I'm new to Xero, and to DEAR. I also run a few woocommerce shops.

I'm trying to figure out the workflow from Woocommerce --> Xero --> DEAR. Any guides available?

Woothemes has a Xero plugin , but if I understand correctly, the inclusion of DEAR in the workflow will make this plugin redundant?

While most of my sales originate from Woocommerce, I also need to directly enter some sales into Xero or DEAR (which one should I enter these to?), and have inventory automatically updated, for these "manual" orders.



  • Hello Fortune. When you use DEAR you do not need to connect Woocommerce to Xero. You need to connect it to DEAR so DEAR can pull the orders and push them to Xero. Manual orders should also be created in DEAR.

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