Barcodes and scanning - What is your experience?

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Hello DEAR community,

Are you using barcode scanning with DEAR Inventory?  If so...

  • Do you have any tips and tricks to share? 
  • What type of barcode scanner (make, model) are using for your scanner?  Is a corded scanner or wireless?
  • How do you manage to bring around the web browser interface with you?
  • What are you printing for your barcode labels?  What sort of label printer are you using?
  • Any other thoughts to share about barcode printing and scanning?



  • We would like to use Bar Code scanning at trade shows, but are concerned that we will end up with multiple customer cards.

    I understand that DEAR does not currently offer a card merge function.....

    A card merge function would be an important start for us to looking into the rest of the scanning.

  • I have only begun to incorporate barcode scanning into my use of DEAR and am finding the system not as robust to incorporate the scanning workflow as I had hoped to incorporate. I am developing an inventory tracking system on behalf of a food manufacturer and would like to track product by counts via barcode scanning at multiple stages of the production process. Here's the general workflow - 

    1. Configure New Assembly
    2. Load BOM
    3. Pick from availability
    4. Transfer BOM product to secondary production location (bin)
    5. Count Product output
    6. Complete New Assembly

    From what I've found as of now, you can not do that in DEAR. Assembly has to be Authorized and Completed in one location (COMMUNITY - PLEASE TELL ME IF I'M WRONG). 

    As to your questions, here's what I'm using - 

    Scanner: Motorola LI4278 (great product, no configuration or install of drivers required)

    Barcode generator: IDAutomation Code 128 Font Advantage Package (this has been a bit trickier to configure, but the end result has been successful)

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  • Thanks David.  This is exactly the sort of information I am seeking.  Both process and specific hardware. 

    I work with a lot of food companies, too.  Your process of scanning pick lists of ingredients to ensure proper match is a tight, high quality process.  This is more advanced than I have seen with the companies with whom I work.  In fact, we typically configure all lot tracked inventory items as "Special Batch" so that they can change the batch/lot number used to fulfill the production assembly.  The might want/need to change the batch number because physical inventory is not always perfectly in sync with DEAR, and, of course, people make mistakes.  I expect having everything bar coded and scanned as a part of production would cut down on the selection of the incorrect ingredient batch.

    Thanks for the feedback!



  • Duncan, it may be a recent change but there is a merge customer option under view all customers.

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