Epson l355 wifi setup

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If we look back into past, then there were so many tasks which took a lot of time and effort. Today, technology has changed this situation, and now you can do the same work in just a few minutes. For example, if we take printers then imagine if you had to make manual copies of a document every time you wish to have a copy. A printer has given us freedom from this monotonous work. If you search brands in the market, then many options will come in your notice but one who has never failed in presenting a wide variety along with affordability at the same time is Epson. With the help of innovation now they have come up with printers which can be used from anywhere in the house as they work on WiFi such as Epson l355 wifi setup.

It is a wireless all-in-one printer with an integrated ink system. You can use it at home as well as at the office. However, due to lack of knowledge sometimes user face difficulties in connecting their printer to WiFi network but instead of consulting Epson printer support, you can do this on your own. In a city like The New York City, it is challenging to find out time as people have busy schedules, but the process which I will suggest is easy to apply and will not take much time for setup.

There are three ways through which you can set up your printer. One is Epson connect printer setup method second is with the help of cables, and third is WPS (WiFi Protected Setup). If you wish to use WPS method then first you need to check your router for observing its activities and look for a sticker on which you will see a text “WiFi Protected Setup.” If you find it on the router, then you will have to use only the WPS method for setup. If you are already using WPS, then there is no need to use it as it can result in the wireless network failure.

Connect Your Epson Printer L355 to WiFi Network

In this blog below, I have mentioned a process of Epson L355 WiFi setup. By following it, you can easily connect your printer to WiFi without any hassle. To get desired results, it is mandatory to follow every step in the same manner in which it is written as any deviation from the said procedure can fail to serve you needed outcome.

Steps to Connect Epson Printer L355 to WiFi NetworkStep 1: First you have to make sure that your Epson printer is connected to a stable internet connection. If it is not connected, then you can do it by contacting the official Epson printer support. There you have to select the product name from present alternatives, click on “Manuals,” and then select the “Start Here” option.Step 2: After connecting the internet, now you have to download the “Epson Connect Printer Setup Utility” which you will get on the official site.Step 3: Now Install all downloaded files to proceed furtherStep 4: After installation, the program will ask you to read the End-User License Agreement. Carefully go through the information. In the end, you will find an option of “Next” button. Click on it and move ahead with the processStep 5: Now the program will ask you the permission for installation. Click on the “Install” button. When the process gets complete, then a “Finish” button will show up, click on it and finish the process of installation.Step 6: Now look for your product in the list and after choosing the same click on the “Next” buttonStep 7: After this, you will see an option of “Printer Registration” radio button, select it and then click “Next”Step 8: When the printer registration will be done then next, you have to choose “Agree “button which will reflect at the end of the page. After this click on “Next” buttonStep 9: Now you will see a message which will quote “Register a printer to Epson Connect.” Here it will ask your permission. Click on “OK” option and proceed furtherStep 10: In case if you don’t have an account with Epson then you have to create one. To do so, you will need to fill a form which you will get from the official website. Go to the site and click on “Create an Epson Connect Account,” and then click on “Finish” buttonStep 11: If you are registering a new printer with your existing account, then select “I already have an account” from the option. Fill out the “Add a new printer” form and after that click on “Add” buttonStep 12: Now click on the “Close” buttonStep 13: After closing the program now your printer will be successfully connected WIFI Network. Check it by printing some document to make sure that you got the desired result or notQuick Assistance For Epson Support Toll free Number : @ USA : +1-888-877-0901

Epson L355 WiFi configuration can be done quickly with this process. In case if it fails to serve your purpose, then it will be wise to contact Epson support service. In the New York City, You can go for Epson connect printer setup utility as it is known for providing excellent Epson printer repair services. They can help you with establishing Epson L355 WiFi setup for Mac and Windows 10 as well. With their Epson Customer Support in the entire New York City, they have never failed in providing on-time and quality solutions.

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