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I am trying to print Product Labels for all my stock.

I have Dymo 450 Label Writer.

I have played around with the Inventory templates.

The moment I try to change a page size and orientation  so it might fit on a label it does not pull in product details, it prints the placeholders.

I have been at this for 3hrs now and it will not print to a label printer correctly.

I want to print a label for each item I have in stock so I can print it and stick it on the box. See attached Image

I need the following:











  • Hi Glenn, We use the same printer for the same purpose by importing our products data from an excel file to Dymo software.
  • Thanks Mohammad,

    I think i have it now. Took another 2 hrs.

    The only issue is the barcode that Dear prints is not standard and our scanners cannot process it.

    I would like a barcode for each item serial number. We sell electronic good and use serical numbers to track unit and warrantees.

    Repairshopr does a great job of barcodes.

    Regards Glenn


     Our products data is imported from a Microsoft Excel file to Dymo software and we use also the same printer for the same purpose.
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