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Hi There,

I would like to be able to back order the products we do not have in stock but for the customer to pay for the whole order in one go. However if I "split" the order the customer has to pay two separate invoices and if i "back order" the order. The entire order is backordered. Is anyone else having this problem?



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  • Thanks Simon,

    Nice to get a response from you.

    Can you please confirm if this upgrade will include a better solution for Pro Forma invoices?

    That would be a big improvement for businesses like ours that often do not ship goods until after the invoice has been paid.. but need to firmly reserve the stock as soon as the invoice has been issued.

    Many Thanks


  • Hi Duncan,

    Pro forma invoices are already handled by the system without any issues, as you have stated in a number of threads it is possible to invoice before dispatching the goods via the Pick, Pack and Ship. Invoices can be amended after the fact by performing Undo and re authorising the stages. 

    You should consider booking an appointment to cover the available functionality and get a better understanding of how to process orders in your particular scenario.


    DEAR Support

  • Hi Simon,

    Yes we are managing to process Pro Forma Invoices...

    But I sure wouldn't say "without any issues".

    Every change needs to be Undone, and then we need to click on Pick,Pack and Ship every time we need to make a change.

    This is very time consuming.

    We also need to change most "Back Ordered" sales to "Ordering"to avoid having stock "Allocated" to them when we don't want that to happen and be unable to re invoice the updated invoice again,.

    I'm hoping your new upgrade to DEAR will resolve that issue for us.

    I was hoping for an"Invoice First" solution similar to that in Purchases which would better replicate our sale process.

    I'd also like to see more clarity from DEAR in what "Allocated" actually means.

    I will make book an appointment next week to learn if I'm missing anything from DEAR.

    Many Thanks

    Kind Regards

    Duncan Millar


  • I might be missing the point here.... but we do this all the time and it works fine.  You can authorise an invoice before pick/pack/ship.   You can pack/ship in batches (we have multiple locations and often ship one order from two locations).  You can also create an invoice, (and have the customer pay it), and then backorder the whole order, pick/pack what is in stock, and leave the rest for when it is back in stock.  

    Just try backordering the whole order, then move on to the pick page and pick/pack what you want to send now.  You can still authorise the invoice. It's only when you start splitting orders that the invoice splits too.

  • Jen, you can authorize the invoice first (that's not a problem), but you can't split the order and ship it out at two different times in one sale. If you pick and pack what you want to send now, it will only subtract from your stock when you authorize, and it will only authorize if it matches the invoice. So you either get an inaccurate invoice created for a partial shipment, or you pick/pack the whole thing and get inaccurate on-hand inventory. 

  • Hi Tal,

    As we issue Pro Forma Invoices we would like to see DEAR offer an "Invoice First" Option.....

    Where Invoiced Items are Firmly Allocated before they are packed...

    This would help us a lot and make the "Backorder" and"Split Order" process more simple for us.

    Can you please confirm if you plan to offer an "Invoice First" Option?

    Looking foward to your reply.



  • Do we have an update on when the  multiple fulfilment of a single sale order is likely ?

    Implementation of this feature  s required so I don't have to look for another solution

    Our business takes full payment for a sales order as confirmation of the transaction.

    Very often we only have part of the stock on hand available for shipping , so an active " items backordered from sales invoices " function is essential.

    Is it possible that a third party invoicing system may be the answer ?

    Hi All,

    Thank you for your patience and suggestions. Although I am unable to provide an exact timeframe for this feature being available we are currently looking into introducing multiple fulfilments per sale order. This means that you will not be required to split the order in cases where stock is not available and needs to be backordered. Instead you will be able to create multiple partial fulfilments from the same order, keeping the same invoice.

    I will update you further once we have specific timeframes for delivery of this functionality.

    Thank you


    DEAR Support

  • Hi Dear ,, Its been nine days since my post - is there any chance of a response this year ?

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  • Hi all,

    No specific timeframe is currently available. We expect this functionality to be available in early 2016. Also this is not support forum, for immediate responses please email


  • HI Simon,

    Thanks for the response.

    Lets hope that early 2016 doesn't turn into 2017.

  • Hi Simon

    Thanks for update and was just wondering if at the same time as improving this aspect of the sales order processing it would also be possible to allow for multiple credit notes to be issued against an order?  Just like the scenarios we have all been giving with regard to fulfulling orders at various stages, customers too often return parts of orders at various stages - for a number of reasons and it is extremely tricky to deal with it at the moment.

    Just thought it may be worth trying ot make the whole sale order process as flexible as possible.

    Kind regards


  • Hi Peter and Jayne,

    Again thank you for your suggestions, your feedback is appreciated. Multiple credit notes against an order is also an enhancement we are working on and expect this to be released in early 2016 along side multiple fulfilments. I will update this thread in the coming weeks once we have specific release date.


    DEAR Support

  • Great News!

  • Hi Simon,

    Nice to see some feedback going on at DEAR..

    As you are aware , I'm hoping to see an improvement in the way DEAR handles Pro Forma Invoices.

    The way we are handling it at the moment is a cumbersome work around with significant limitations.

    It's not time efficient.

    I'm hoping to get a clear answer from you...

    Will your upgrade in early 2016 address the issue of addressing Pro Forma Invoices?

    Will it allow us to "Invoice First" without picking and packing?

    Will it allow us to quickly and easily make changes to a Pro Forma Invoice?

    Will it allow us to hold the items on the invoice for the customer and still use back orders?

    Will it allow us to decide when stock on back order is invoiced (and therefore committed to a customer) rather that auto allocating the stock without our authority to stop it?

    Will it allow us to show back ordered items on the same Invoice as the Invoiced items but not request payment for them?

    You have suggested I book a time to talk to your team.

     I booked a call from your team and received an email confirmation of the time and date.

    Waited for them to make contact.

    They didn't.

    Nothing Happened. 

    My email afterwards went un replied.

    We really want to make DEAR work for us....

    But need better communication from your team in order to do so.



  • HI Duncan,

    No changes to sales functionality relating to Proforma invoices are planned. Existing functionality already covers everything you list in your suggestions. Invoice can be created without the need to complete Pick and Pack. Undo function allows you to easily modify existing invoices or orders. Even if stock is allocated elsewhere it can easily be reallocated to the order by re Authorising it and then completing Pick, this has been covered in multiple threads, support tickets and supports calls you have raised. Showing backordered items on the same invoice will become available with the multiple fulfilment functionality.


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