Workflows in DEAR are comprised of events and actions that trigger automatically once certain conditions are achieved in sales processes. Workflows are set up in the Automation module, which is accessed from Settings Automation. For more information on workflows, see Managing Workflow Automation in DEAR.

In this tutorial, we'll show you how to attach a document to an email notification.

Let's say we want to send a sales quote to a customer when a sales order is authorised. This is how we will do it.

First, create the workflow:

  1. In the DEAR menu, click Settings Automation Workflow.
  2. On the Workflow List page, click Add New Workflow.
  3. On the New Workflow page, enter a name for the workflow, select Sale as the workflow type, then click Save. We recommend naming the workflow in such a way that it is easy to remember and recognise.

Next, add the event that will trigger the workflow.

  1. Click +Event, then select Sale Quote Authorised from the list of events.
  2. From the Actions list, select Notify, then select Customer as the recipient of and Sale Quote as the attachment to the email notification.

NOTE: Failing to select an attachment at this time will mean that you will not be able to attach the document to the email template in Step 7.

  1. Click the icon next to the notification type to edit the notification template. 
  2. On the Set up email notification configurations window, enter a subject and configure the email template, check the Add document as attachment box, then click Save. You can use the Supported placeholders dropdown menu to add items such as Customer Name, Sale Order Number and Quote Total to the template.

NOTE: Failing to add the document as an attachment in Step 7 means that the notification will not include the Sales Quote as an attachment. However, the customer can always download the Sales Quote from the link provided in the email by default.

Finally, activate and save the workflow.

  1. Toggle the workflow as Active, then click Save.

Once the workflow is activated, a customer will receive an email with a Sales Quote attached whenever one of their sales orders is authorised.

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