Backups can be scheduled automatically from the Scheduled Reports module. Select which areas of data you wish to back up, the backup frequency, and a recipient to receive DEAR backup files via email. 

NOTE: Full backup can only be scheduled by the Master User of the account. 


Schedule a data backup:

  1. Navigate to Settings Automation.
  2. Click Report Scheduling
  3. On the Scheduled Reports page, click the button on the top left.
  4. In the New Scheduled Report wizard section 1, toggle the Enabled button to Yes, then select Backups from the dropdown list. You can optionally give your backup a unique name to differentiate it from other backups with different settings.
  5. In section 2, select the backup period and layout. In section 3, select the date and time for the first backup, the backup frequency, and the recipient mailing list for the backup files. 
  6. Use the checkboxes to select the areas to back up, then click Save to complete the backup scheduling.

When backup is generated, an email is sent to the mailing list recipients with a link for downloading a zip archive with backup data. 

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