Here are some common error messages you may experience while using DEAR with Xero integration and how to resolve them. You may also want to look at our Xero Support Questions

Users will need the Integration: Accounting - Xero - Accounting permission in order to use this feature. 

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Products from Xero not syncing to DEAR

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Products created in Xero not syncing to DEAR. There are several possible causes for this error. 

Load items from Xero not enabled

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This setting must be enabled for products in Xero to sync to DEAR. Navigate to Integrations Xero and ensure Load Items from Xero is set to Yes. See Load Products from Xero for more information.

Historical transactions

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Items will only be exported from Xero if they have been updated since the last time Xero and DEAR were synchronised. 

To pull products created/updated prior to the last sync with Xero:

  1. Navigate to Integrations Xero Export Historical Data from DEAR to Xero. You can export historical data from DEAR to Xero, which registers all documents and related items (products, vendors, customers, etc.). 
  2. Simply select a start date and then click the Export Historical Data button, as shown below.
  3. Once the Sync was processed, the products will be in DEAR and will have the Set Up Required status.
  4. To check your products, navigate to Inventory Products View All and make sure that you have NOT ticked on the Only Show the Active Products box, so the newly loaded items will be visible.
  5. To bulk update or change the status of all the products, you can Export your Inventory List, make any updates and/or change their Set up Required status to Active, then save and Import back to DEAR so they'll be updated in DEAR and ready to be used in transactions.

Warning during sync

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Entries that cannot be synced to Xero, either for errors that can be fixed or due to platform limitations (e.g void invoices with paid status) will receive a Warning status, which will prevent them from attempting to sync again until a user is able to review and make changes. This reduces the number of API calls used by Core to Xero. 

You can then change entires with warning status to Pending to try and sync again, or Skipped in order to ignore the entry going forward and sync other items. 

Turn off inventory tracking in Xero

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Products/Items can be synced both ways between DEAR and Xero. However, DEAR does NOT support Xero Inventory accounts and product tracking. For items to be exported from Xero to DEAR, they must NOT be being tracked by Xero Inventory. 

Turn off inventory tracking in Xero:

  1. Go to your Xero account to check the items. In Xero, navigate to Business Products and Services.
  2. Choose the relevant product and click on Edit Item.
  3. Make sure the I track this item box is NOT checked.

If inventory tracking has been turned on for items, you will need to turn it off. You may not be able to untrack items that have previously been tracked and used in transactions. Check this Xero article, Convert a tracked inventory item to untracked, for help with this step. These items may have to be deleted and re-created.

Duplication of COGS entries

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DEAR does not support inventory tracking in Xero. If inventory tracking is turned on in Xero, you may have duplicate COGS entries created in Xero due to both systems creating their own Xero entries for the same transaction and experience errors during synchronisation. To resolve this issue, see Turn off Inventory Tracking in Xero

Selectively skip synchronisation

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Changes ready to sync to Xero can be viewed by clicking the Xero logo in the top right and viewing Sync History. Before synchronisation, all items will have a Pending status. You can skip the sync of any change by clicking the status and manually changing it to Skipped. At this time, there is no option to bulk skip multiple changes. 

Archived products/suppliers/customers in Xero still visible in DEAR

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Making a product/customer/supplier archived in Xero will NOT deprecate nor delete the product from DEAR. Once you have archived a product/customer/supplier in Xero, you must manually deprecate the product/customer/supplier in DEAR.

Make something inactive in DEAR:

  1. In DEAR, go to the product/customer/supplier screen.
  2. Change the status from Active to Deprecated.
  3. To delete, go to the Products/Customers/Suppliers screen and click More Delete Deprecated [item].


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