Products/Items can be synced both ways between DEAR and Xero. However, DEAR does NOT support Xero Inventory accounts and product tracking. For items to be exported from Xero to DEAR, they must NOT be tracked by Xero Inventory. 

Users will need the Integration: Accounting - Xero permission in order to use this feature. 


Load products from Xero to DEAR:

  1. Go to your Xero account to check the items. In Xero, navigate to Business → Products and Services.
  2. Choose the relevant product and click on Edit Item.
  3. Make sure the I track this item box is NOT checked.

NOTE: If the items are being tracked in Xero, you will need to untrack them. Check this Xero article, Convert a tracked inventory item to untracked, for help with this step. You may not be able to untrack items that have previously been tracked and used in transactions. These items may have to be deleted and re-created.

  1. In DEAR, navigate to Integration Xero integration.
  2. Under the integration settings, toggle the Load items from Xero button to Yes.

Once this section is enabled and you click on Sync Now in DEAR, the system will sync the products created after this setting was enabled. For historical products or those created before this was enabled, see below.

Load historical products from Xero to DEAR:

  1. On the Sync screen, click the Load Historical transactions button. You can also perform this action from Integrations Xero Export Historical Data from DEAR to Xero.
  1. Select a Starting date of Import which is the date the products were created in Xero.
  1. Once the Sync has been processed, the products will be in DEAR and will have the Setup Required status.
  2. To check your products, navigate to Inventory Products View All and make sure that you have NOT checked the Only Show the Active Products box, so that the newly loaded items can be visible.
  3. To bulk update or change the status of all the products, you can Export your Inventory List, make any updates and/or change their Setup Required status to Active, then save and Import back to DEAR, so that they can be updated in DEAR and ready to be used in transactions.

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