DEAR Inventory has a Quick Access button which is available on the top toolbar for easy access to recently used modules. By default, the Quick Access button is closed.

When you click the button, it opens the minimised Quick Access menu, showing the following modules: Simple Purchase, Simple Sale, Assembly, Product, Receive Money. The screenshot below shows how this looks from the DEAR Inventory web app.

On the minimised Quick Access menu, there is a Show More button that, when clicked, maximises the view to show the following modules:

  • Purchase: Simple Purchase, Advanced Purchase, Service Purchase, Supplier, Reorder
  • Sale: Simple Sale, Advanced Sale, Service Sale, Customer
  • Production: Assembly, Disassembly, Job, Inventory Write-Off
  • Inventory: Product, Product Family, Stock Adjustment, Stocktake, Transfer
  • Financial: Receive Money, Spend Money.

The screenshot below shows how it looks from the DEAR Inventory web app.

When you click the Show Less button, the minimised Quick Access menu is shown again.

Regardless of the view (maximised or minimised), when you click an option on the Quick Access menu, it takes you to the applicable page in DEAR Inventory, as long as you have the required access rights to those pages.

To close the Quick Access menu, click the Quick Access button on the toolbar.

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