WooCommerce Integration FAQs

Q: We are currently experiencing issues bulk listing or updating product quantities, with errors occurring on multiple occasions, some claiming insufficient permissions. How do we resolve this issue?

A: There are two possible reasons for these errors:

  1. The user who granted DEAR access to WooCommerce no longer has write access to WooCommmerce. You may request the creation of new API keys with read-write permissions in WooCommerce. After getting the keys, send them to us so that we can then update the connection between DEAR and WooCommerce.  
  2. Your firewall is not accepting POST and PUT requests, only GET. You need to check firewall settings and whitelist our IP address.

Q: DEAR states that when we import the products from WooCommerce, DEAR will create the appropriate product families and update the products based on the details coming in from WooCommerce. However, this is not happening in our case. What are we doing wrong?

A: In DEAR, go to Integrations > WooCommerce, then under the Setup tab, check that the Use WooCommerce as Master Source for DEAR Products button is toggled to Yes. If the button is set to No, click on it to set it to Yes. Once done, try the import process again. It should now be creating product families and updating your products based on WooCommerce.

Q: We have a pending invoice in the WooCommerce Integration page, which for some reason is not getting processed. When we click on Process Order, it reloads the page and shows nothing else. If we try to delete the pending order, it says the Invoice is under process. What is going on?

A: In DEAR, go to Integrations > WooCommerce, then under the Logs tab, delete the log record for the pending invoice. Once done, go to the Pending Orders tab, then click Load Orders, then Process to process the invoice again.

Q: Suppose we make changes to prices, stock of 10 products. At the moment, we have to select each product under the Catalogue tab on the WooCommerce Integrations page and click on Update in WooCommerce. We have situations where we would need to update 50 or more products at a time. Does DEAR provide a way to bulk update products from DEAR to WooCommerce?

A: DEAR has a bulk listing feature that allows you to select the category, family, product tag, or listing status of the products for bulk listing. You can find this feature under the Bulk Listing tab on the WooCommerce integration page.

Q: We use the Default setting for Permalinks in our WooCommerce store, thus we cannot change it to 'any other option'. What do we do? Will WooCommerce integration with DEAR still work?

A: The previous Legacy WooCommerce API version that DEAR still supports required configuration of permalinks. However, the new WooCommerce API that is used as default for newer WooCommerce versions doesn't require any changes to permalinks in WooCommerce. Thus, the integration of your WooCommerce store with DEAR should still work.

Q: We are having issues with correct pricing being imported from our WooCommerce store. We sell in 3 currencies and have a plugin that converts our base currency, which in DEAR and WooCommerce is in GBP. However, the USD price is being imported into DEAR from WooCommerce. How do we solve this issue?

A: Multi-currency plugin is not supported by WooCommerce API. This setup is not compatible with DEAR. You should set up three (3) WooCommerce stores with different currencies instead.

Q: We are having an issue with the GST component for orders imported from our WooCommerce Store.

A: DEAR captures all sale information from WooCommerce, including the tax amount. You need to set up correct tax rules in WooCommerce and then map WooCommerce tax rules to DEAR tax rules. This can be done by going to Integration > WooCommerce > Setup. DEAR will not recalculate tax for sales from WooCommerce; instead, DEAR will bring in the exact tax amount from sale orders in WooCommerce.

Q: Why are we encountering the following error: 'WooCommerce product loading error message: Failed to load products/options: You do not have permission to read product categories.'

A: Most likely reasons for this error is that you're either using a content delivery network (CDN) service for your store or your server is configured to reject API calls to this endpoint. Basically, you see this error when DEAR receives a 403 error instead of a valid response from WooCommerce. Your network administrator may be able to help with your network setup.

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