Binding a custom domain name to your DEAR B2B portal

You can have your B2B portal on a custom domain name rather than the default DEAR portal address.

To bind your Custom Domain Name to your DEAR Portal you will need to create a CNAME entry in your domain hosting DNS service that points to your B2B Portal permanent address (<your_portal_name>

Each domain registrar has a different way of doing this — you may need to check how to do it with your domain hosting provider. 


  • Set up your DEAR B2B portal (required) 
  • Have a custom domain name ready (required)

To bind a custom domain to a DEAR B2B portal: 

  1. Log into your domain registrar account. 
  2. Create a CNAME record. If you have trouble, the registrar's knowledge base or support team will be able to provide you specific information.
  3. Use the following settings:
    • Alias — the domain you want your store to be on (e.g. or
    • Host / Points to — your B2B Portal permanent address (e.g.
    • TTL — how long the server should cache the information, measured in seconds (e.g. 3600).

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