DEAR Warehouse Management Solution

DEAR Warehouse Management System (WMS) integrates seamlessly with DEAR Inventory backend, streamlining your order fulfilment processes while increasing your productivity and cutting costs in the warehouse. DEAR WMS uses wireless barcode scanning (with either ScanSKU or mPOP barcode) to make order picking easy and efficient. DEAR WMS also supports manual entry. 

NOTE: Sales can be made from a tablet or smartphone using the DEAR POS (Point of Sale) app. The DEAR WMS (Warehouse Management Solution) app allows efficient picking and packing using your device and supported barcode scanner. Both apps can be used on the same device; choose Open WMS (in POS) or Open POS (WMS) to conveniently change between the two apps on the same device. 

IMPORTANT! If you wish to include serial/batch numbers in any warehouse operations (Picking, Packing, Receiving Inventory, Stocktake, Write-off), the Product type must have a Costing Method that supports serial/batch numbers. If the Product costing method does not support serial or batch numbers, this field will not be displayed during WMS operations. See Costing Methods and WMS - Serial Numbers and Batch Numbers for more information.


  • At least one active and populated DEAR store
  • Understand Processing a Sale
  • Android and iOS devices
  • Set up Carriers in Settings > Reference Books > Carriers
  • Pick and Pack MUST be set to manual, not automatic. To change this setting, go to Settings > General Settings > Sales Process Customisation.

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  • Reduces picking errors through barcode scanning and order validation.
  • Increases productivity with guided walk paths to optimise the picking process. 
  • Increases your fill rate and sales by leveraging real-time visibility to inventory quantities and location. 
  • Provides more efficient and accurate inventory control by scanning serial and batch numbers. 

System Requirements

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Android 5.1+
iOS 9+
OTG Support
To connect USB Barcode Scanner
DEAR recommended scanner (ScanSKU or mPOP with integrated barcode scanner)
For Pick / Pack / Receive operations

Setting up the DEAR WMS Mobile App

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The DEAR WMS apps can be downloaded for free on the Google Play Store and App Store (IOS).

To install DEAR WMS on your mobile phone:

  1. Navigate to either Play Store or App Store on your mobile device.
  2. Search for DEAR WMS and tap Install.
  3. Once the app is installed, tap Open.
  4. Log into the app using your DEAR account credentials. You will now be able to use the DEAR WMS mobile app.

NOTE: As of 17 June 2019, the DEAR WMS mobile app for iOS devices is currently under Apple review and not available for download.

Changing the Working Area

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Working Area is the first screen you see when you log into DEAR WMS. You can select a specific DEAR store and location as your Working Area, meaning you can use the inventory from that store for picking and packing. 

To set the working area:

  1. Select the required Organisation from the list.

  2. Select the Location you will be picking from.
  3. If your picking location has multiple zones defined, you can also select a Zone for that location. 
  4. Tap Next.

NOTE: You can change your Working Area at any time from the Main Menu.

DEAR WMS Mobile App - Main Menu and Features

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Once you set your working area, you will be able to access the DEAR WMS Main Menu, which has the following options:

  • Pick: Pick items easily either manually or using a barcode scanner from the warehouse to be included in the customer order.
  • Pack: Gather and pack the picked items to prepare them for shipment to the customer.
  • Receive: Receive inventory with or without purchase orders. You can also change the location of the inventory within a location (Bin Transfer).
  • Stocktake: Allows the user to verify the quantities and the condition of the stock physically in a specific location/warehouse.
  • Write-off: Allows writing off inventory directly from a warehouse using the DEAR WMS mobile app.
  • Working Area: Set a specific DEAR store and location as your Working Area to pick from.
  • Print Labels: Prints product labels (if connected to a suitable printer) or saves product labels as a PDF.
  • Log Out: Log out from the DEAR store and app.
  • About: View the mobile application version details.

Picking and Packing Inventory

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Picking and packing is a two-stage fulfilment process used in distribution of goods. During picking, products are picked from different warehouses or stores based on customer orders. During packing, the products are re-packed for delivery per customer order along with shipping details and invoice. 

NOTE: To use the Pick and Pack functions in DEAR WMS, you need an authorised sale order. Create and authorise a sale order in DEAR before continuing. See Processing a Sale for more information on creating, authorising and fulfilling sale orders. 

Select a Carrier/Service in the document header of the sale order before the sale order is authorised. If the Carrier/Service is not included before authorising the sale order, you will have to Undo the sale order, set it back to draft, add the Carrier/Service and authorise again. 


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Picking consists of collecting a specified quantity or products before shipping to fulfil customer orders. Items are kept ready for the next process, packing. 

NOTE: Picking will be based on the guided walk path feature that is programmed into the application to make picking more efficient. Bin locations on the pick list are suggested in alphanumerical order – it is up to the warehouse manager to make sure that alphanumerical order corresponds to the shortest pick path. You can also add Pick Zones to your warehouse to streamline picking. 

NOTE: Expiry dates of products with the costing method FEFO will not be taken into consideration during picking. 

To pick an order:

  1. Select Pick from the Main Menu of DEAR WMS. The Pick screen will be displayed. 
  2. Search for an existing sale order by:
    • entering the order number manually
    • scanning the UPC code
    • tapping Search to display results of all authorised Sales Orders.
      * Sales Orders not ready for picking will also be displayed in the list, along with the reason for picking unavailability. The Pick screen with all the authorised sales will be displayed.

  1. Select an existing sale and tap Next. The w2 screen will be displayed. 
  2. Enter the tote number in the Tote # field and tap Begin Picking.

  1. The screen to select products for the order will be displayed. Tap a product, specify the Item # or Scan barcode to enter the item screen.

  1. Select the products by scanning the barcode or manually entering the SKU. You can also change the Bin by tapping the Bin field and scanning the bin or manually entering the bin name. Once one item has been entered, you can manually adjust the item quantity using the QTY icon.

  1. Tap Finish to move on to the next item. If there are not enough items available to complete the order, you can tap Pick Partially to move on to the next stage, leaving the order open for possible picking in the future.

  1. Clicking Finish or Pick Partially will bring you back to the Pick List. Completed orders are displayed in green while partially picked orders are displayed in red. Tap Finish to move on to the Packing stage.


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Packing is the process of packing the picked products for each customer order. It ensures products are packed correctly and efficiently for shipping. If necessary, products from the same order can be packed in separate boxes or delivered using multiple carriers. 

NOTE: If you do not want to create multiple fulfilments, do not complete the pack stage until all items are picked. If the application recognises that there is packing in progress/completed, a second fulfilment will be created.

To pack an order:

  1. Select Pack from the Main Menu of DEAR WMS. The Pack screen will be displayed. 
  2. Enter the Order # or Tote # and tap Start.

  1. The Pack screen with the selected order number will be displayed. Select the products by entering the item number, scanning the barcode in the Enter Item # or Scan UPC code field or tapping the product and manually editing the quantity. 
  2. After selecting all the products for the order, or selecting enough products for the first box, click Box.

  1. Enter the Width, Length, Height and Weight of the box if required. Some default options may be available on the Box list, depending on the Carrier/Service you have selected in the sale order.
    NOTE: Unlabelled units are the default units selected for your store. You can check or change the default units for your store in Settings > General Settings > Product & Measurements Settings.

  1. Tap Save Box, and the box will be ready for shipment. If you have more picked products to be packed, tap Next Box. If you are ready to finish this order, tap Next Order to go back to the Pack screen. You may have to return to DEAR to manually authorise shipping if shipping is set to manual. 
  2. Tap Print Label to print a label for the box. You may select a carrier or shipping method before printing the label. See the next section for more information. 

Print Label for Shipping

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Once you have finished packing a box, you can tap Print Label to print a shipping label. You will be provided with an option to select a Carrier or a method of shipping before printing the label. 

NOTE: To print a shipping label for the box, your mobile phone must be connected to a printer.

To select a Carrier/Service:

  1. If one or more shipping providers are integrated into DEAR WMS, the default shipping provider will appear within the Select Carrier/Service field.
  2. Click on the field to change the Carrier/Service.
  3. Click the search icon on the Select carrier/service field to display a list of Carrier/Service providers.
  4. Select a Carrier/Service provider from the list.
  5. Click OK to proceed.

NOTE: If a shipping provider is not integrated with DEAR, the Select Carrier/Service field will not be shown on WMS. If the carrier/service has already been pre-defined for the sale within the general sale in DEAR, this field will be pre-filled with the defined Carrier-Service value.

Receiving Inventory

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Receiving Inventory into the warehouse, checking quantity/quality/condition of incoming goods and storing items in the right location (bins) allows you to keep track of the quantity in stock and maximise the warehouse space. 

With DEAR WMS, you have the option to receive inventory with or without a purchase order or change the location of items in the warehouse (Warehouse Transfer). 

Receiving Inventory with a PO

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If a purchase order has been raised previously with your supplier, use this option when receiving inventory. The received inventory quantity and specification will be checked against the PO. 

To receive inventory with a PO:

  1. Click Main Menu > Receive > With PO to display the PO Search screen.
  2. Search by PO # and select the required purchase order to receive the inventory from the list.
    NOTE: Only purchase orders for this Working Area will be shown. If you have purchases set to Invoice First instead of Stock First, the Invoice must be authorised before the purchase order will appear in the list. 
  3. The selected purchase order, with the products, is displayed.

  1. Tap the product you wish to receive. 
  2. Enter the Bin and Item #.
  3. Tap Receive All to update your inventory levels. 
  4. Tap Finish to go back to the previous screen and receive another item.

NOTE: If you do not receive enough of a product to complete the purchase order, you can Save the order at any time. The received stock will be added to your inventory, but the purchase order will remain open so you can finish receiving it at a later date. 

Receiving Inventory without a PO

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Inventory for which a purchase order has not been raised must be received into the warehouse with the Receive without PO option in DEAR WMS. 

To receive inventory without a PO:

  1. Click Main Menu > Receive > Without PO to display the Select Supplier screen.
  2. Choose a Supplier and tap Load Product Data. Once the data is loaded, tap Start Partially Receiving Stock.

  1. Enter the Item # or Scan UPC code for the product you want to receive and press Enter on your keypad.

  1. The Item screen will be displayed. Enter the Item # again and the Bin if required. You may need to press Enter on your keypad again.

  1. You can receive items individually by repeatedly entering the Item # and tapping Enter. You can also receive multiple items by tapping QTY to adjust the total quantity. 
  2. When you have finished receiving the item, click Finish.

  1. On the pick screen, click Save to finish receiving this item.

Bin Transfer

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Bin Transfer allows you to move stock from one bin within a location to another. Using this feature, you can also transfer stock to a bin if the stock does not have an assigned bin yet.

To start a bin transfer:

  1. Go to Main Menu > Receive > Bin Transfer. 
  2. Scan or type the name of the source bin and tap Enter on your keypad. If the stock is not in a bin, leave blank and tap Enter.

  1. On the Picking screen, Enter Item # or Scan UPC code for the product to be moved, then tap Enter on your keypad (not Next).

  1. On the Item screen, choose the quantity of items to transfer. You can scan each item, manually enter the Item # or adjust the quantity by tapping QTY. Tap Finish when all items have been picked.

  1. The Picking screen will be displayed with the details of the item picked. From here, you can pick another item by entering the item number, tap Next to go back to the Change Location screen and pick items from a new bin, or tap Start to move on to the Put Away screen.

  1. Enter the Item #, scan the barcode or tap the item on the pick list to open the Item screen. 
  2. Enter the new Bin name and scan or type in the Item #, and tap Enter on your keypad to generate a line for the new bin location. 
  3. You can add more items to that bin, type/scan the Item # and tap Enter on your keypad for each item or manually adjust the quantity with QTY. To instantly place all remaining items in a new location, tap Place All.

  1. You can add remaining items to a different bin by typing in a new Bin name, tapping Enter on your keypadand repeating the process.

  1. If for some reason you can't or don't want to put away the entire quantity of items picked straight away, you can continue by tapping Place Partially (partially placed items are displayed in red), then tapping Finish. The items not put away will no longer be associated with a bin and must be put away at a later time by starting a new Bin Transfer and leaving the Scan/Enter source bin field empty.

  1. If the full quantity of items picked is put away, the item will be displayed in green. Tap Finish to complete the operation and return to the Receive menu.


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The Stocktake feature allows the user to verify the quantities and the condition of the stock physically in a specific location/warehouse, increasing efficiency and accuracy of Stocktaking. To use the DEAR WMS Stocktake feature, you must first open an active Stocktake in DEAR Inventory. 

To perform a stocktake:

  1. Go to Main Menu > Stocktake to list active stocktakes or search by Stocktake #. 
  2. Select a stocktake.

  3. Enter the Bin (leaving Bin blank will leave stock unassociated to a Bin in this location), scan or manually enter the Item # and tap Enter on your keypad. The Item Details screen will be displayed.

  4. Scan/Enter the Item # and tap Enter on your keypad. You can count the rest of the stocktake items by repeating this step or manually adjusting the item quantity using the QTY button. 
  5. Once all items have been counted, tap Finish to complete the stocktake.


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The DEAR WMS Write-Off feature allows writing off inventory directly from a warehouse using the DEAR WMS mobile app. For more information on setting up and carrying out this operation, see DEAR WMS Write-Off.

Print Labels

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Product labels can be printed directly from the DEAR WMS mobile app using the Print Labels feature, which can be accessed from the DEAR WMS menu. You can only print one product label at a time. See Printing Product Labels in DEAR WMS for more information. 

NOTE: To be able to print, you must connect a printer to the app. You can also save a product label as a PDF file for later printing in case you don't have a printer at your current location.

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