Product Families

A Product Family is used to have variations of a single product, e.g. different sizes and colours of a clothing item. 


  • Item: T-shirts

  • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large

  • Colours: Red, White, Blue

Both the product family and each variation within the product family will have a unique SKU in the system.


  1. Create a new Product Family

  2. Add Product Families to a Purchase/Sale order

Create a new Product Family

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To create a new product family:

  1. Create a new product family by:

    • Navigate to Inventory -> New -> Product Family

    • Navigate to Inventory -> Product Families -> Click +

  1. Fill in product family details (see below for more info)

  2. Enter up to 3 variations in the Option Label fields

  3. Add Option Label variations in the Options tab

  1. Click the Variations tab.

  2. Add variations to the product family. Prices and SKUs for each variation can be edited here. 

    • Manually add existing products from your inventory to the product family by clicking +Product and searching for the item

    • Let DEAR generate the variations by clicking Generate

  1. Click Save to finish

Product Family Detail Information

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Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory for creating a new product family. Once the product family details are filled in, click Save to finish. 

Family SKU

Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) is the unique identifier of the product. 

Please note:

  • Unacceptable SKU: All numerals, starting with a 0. This will cause problems importing and exporting data into CSV templates. E.g. 01 234 567

  • Acceptable SKU: Alphanumeric, including starting with a 0. E.g. 003-Gloves, 103-Gloves

  • Acceptable SKU: All numerals, not starting with a 0. E.g. 1 234 567

The Product Family and each variation within the product family needs a unique SKU. The variation SKUs can be assigned automatically by DEAR or manually by the user. 

Family Name and Category

Enter a product family name, and either choose a category from the dropdown list or click Add New Category. Only one category can be chosen per product family. To add a product family to more groups of products, use Comma Delimited Tags. 

Brand (optional)

Enter the product family brand.

Costing Method

Costing Methods in DEAR Inventory are based on real accounting methods. You can choose from First In First Out (FIFO), First Expired First Out (FEFO), and Special costing methods, with variations of each. See here for more information about Costing Methods. 


Choose between No Dropship, Optionally Dropship and Always Dropship for the product. See here for more information on Dropshipping. 

Dropship Supplier (optional)

Choose a supplier for dropship orders, if you are using this option. 

Last Supplier (optional)

Enter the last supplier of this product family. This information will be used to populate purchase orders in DEAR. 

Supplier Price (optional)

Enter the supplier of this product family. This information will be used to populate purchase orders in DEAR.

Option Labels

Up to 3 Option Labels can be chosen per product family, so each product family can have up to 3 x 3 x 3 (27) variations

Unit of Measure

Unit of Measure for sales of the product. The default is Item but new units (e.g. Hour, kg, L) can be added by clicking Add New Unit.

Accounts and Tax Rules (optional)

Choose which Accounts COGs, Inventory and Revenue are mapped to in your accounting records. These can also be entered at the purchase/sale level.

Tax rules can be applied for Purchases and Sales. These can also be applied at the customer/supplier level or on individual purchases or sales.

Please note that product's account mapping has the highest priority. That means that it will override default account mapping and supplier/customer account mapping on purchase/sale order. If you do not use special accounts or tax rules for your items we recommend leaving these fields blank. This way default accounts will be used.

Default Location

Enter a default location for this product family. This will autofill fields on purchases and sales.

Additional Attributes Set (optional)

See here for more information on additional attributes.

Minimum before Reorder and Reorder Quantity (optional)

These affect low stock reorder points for the product. See here for more information about Low Stock Reorder.

Comma Delimited Tags (optional)

Comma Delimited Tags or Product Tags can be used to group products together. You can add as many tags as you require, separated by commas.

Description (optional)

You can enter a short and long description for your product family. The long description has an HTML editor for formatting. This information is mandatory when using eBay or Magento Sale Channels.


DEAR Inventory lets you set up to 10 price points for each individual product or product family depending on your subscription type. Customers are assigned a price tier which sets what price they can buy products for. Price Tier names can be changed by going to Settings -> General Settings. Setting prices at the product level is optional, they can be set and modified at the purchase level if necessary.

Discount (optional)

Discounts can be applied at the product level. Click here for more information about discounts. Please note that Product discount can be overridden by Customer/Customer Group Discount.

Add Product Families to a Purchase/Sale order

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Items from a product family can be added in bulk to a purchase or sale order to save time.

To add a product family to a purchase/sale order:

  1. Create a new Purchase or new Sale

  2. When adding items to the order or quote, click Product Family

  1. Enter Product Family

  2. Enter the variations of the product family you wish to add to the order

  3. Enter a Quantity

  4. Enter the Price/cost.

  5. Click Add Products

  6. Continue with the sale/purchase order as usual.

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