Additional Units of Measure

The additional units of measure function allows more than one unit of measure to be specified for a product or service. For example, if the same bottle of wine is sold as an individual bottle, a case of 6, and a case of 12.

The additional units of measure functionality can be used in the following situations:

  • to automatically disassemble a case into singles if purchased in cases and sold as singles;
  • to automatically assemble a case from singles if sold as a case and is kept in stock as singles;
  • to do the unit of measure conversion if purchased in kg and needs to be converted to lb etc.

Previously, this would have been done by adding bill of materials to a product and selecting auto-assembly but this new feature provides a more simple way to set up the conversions. Functionally, the two methods are identical. 

NOTE: Because of this, a product that already has some additional units of measure linked cannot have a bill of materials with auto-assembly/disassembly selected.

Let's take an example of a single item and a 6-pack.

To create a product with additional units of measure:

  1. First you need to create both single item and 6-pack as 2 separate products with different units of measure. The products should have the same costing method.
    • It is recommended to have the smallest unit of measure as a base product.

  1. On the single product, scroll to the Additional Units of Measure tab and click Add more items.
  2. Select the additional product from the drop down menu and set a conversion ratio in the number of base product.
    • Please note that you can still have a bill of materials assigned to the base product however you can't use auto-assembly or auto-disassembly for the base product.

  1. When viewing the additional product, you can see that in the bill of materials tab the information has been generated by the system automatically. It has auto-assembly and auto-disassembly enabled and also has a link to the base product.

Setting up products in this way will do the following:

If you purchase a 6-pack it will be automatically disassembled into singles.

Now when you look at the availability report you can see that there are 6 singles on hand but one 6-pack and 6 singles available for sale.

If you sell a 6-pack the system will automatically assemble single items into 6-pack.

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