Low Stock Reorder


This function allows streamlined reordering of stock that is running low, ensuring no sales are lost due to an item being out of stock. 




  1. Set up low stock reorder points
  2. Low stock reorder

Set up low stock reorder points

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For stock to be presented for reorder automatically, the low stock reorder points must be set up for each inventory item you wish to reorder. Low stock reorder points can be set up for total product numbers and also for amount of product in each location.


To set up low stock reorder points:

  1. Navigate to Inventory -> Products

  2. Select the relevant product 

  3. Enter a Minimum Before Reorder Quantity and the Reorder Quantity. This sets up the low stock reorder point for total numbers of the product.


  1. Go to the Suppliers tab and click or Add more items to add a supplier from the dropdown list for this product. You can choose as many suppliers as you wish for each product.

  2. Click Save to finish

To set up low stock reorder points for other locations:

  1. Navigate to Inventory -> Products

  2. Select the relevant product 

  3. Go to the Reorder Levels tab

  4. Click +Location

  5. Enter the Location, Minimum Before Reorder and Reorder Quantity

  6. Click Save to finish

Low stock reorder

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A product will now be automatically shown in the Reorder Stock module once the quantity drops below the minimum before reorder quantity. 


To Reorder Stock:

  1. Navigate to Purchase -> Reorder

  2. Click a Supplier. This displays a list of available products for reorder. Alternatively, click Select All to select all products needing reorder. 

  3. Select a Product by checking the box next to it

  4. Click Reorder

  1. A new purchase order will be generated automatically for the reordered stock. Follow the link to go to the Purchase order. Check the purchase order to see if the details are all correct.

  2. Authorise the order to be printed or emailed to the supplier to be fulfilled