Purchase Bulk Actions

DEAR allows executing some actions in bulk for selected purchase/sale tasks in the View All Purchases/Sales screen.


Check one or more boxes next to individual purchases and click Bulk Actions.  

The bulk action window will open. Explanations for each of the bulk actions can be found below.


Allows undoing all selected purchases. The order status will be returned to draft. Inventory, invoice, and payment information will not be deleted. 


Allows voiding all selected purchases. The order status will be changed to voided. Inventory, invoice, and payment information will be deleted, and no further changes can be made to the order. 


Allows printing the chosen document for all selected purchases. A combined PDF will be generated containing all the data in a single document, where each new purchase starts on a new page. You can edit the look and details of documents, see Manage Document and Email Templates for more information.


Allows e-mailing the chosen document to suppliers for all selected purchases. Individual documents will be generated for every purchase and saved to attachments. E-mailing is done for every selected purchase separately. Documents are attached to the email as PDFs. You will be prompted to enter a subject line. You may wish to set Email templates to use for the email body. 


You can export information about the selected purchase to CSV files:

Export accounts payable: A single line per purchase will be exported to CSV including basic information about the purchase.

Export to CSV format: Sale shipment details will be exported to a CSV list only for selected purchases. This format contains more details about the purchase than accounts payable.


Merging can be used to merge multiple purchase orders to the same supplier. Merging is not reversible, and there are several restrictions on which purchase orders may be merged. 

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