Unstock incorrectly received items

Unstock incorrectly received items

Incorrectly received items or whole shipments can have the payment removed from your accounts and unstocked from Inventory using a credit note. A credit note is considered a negative invoice. It is a way to amend the details of a purchase order or invoice after they have already been authorised.  


To add a credit note for a part or whole shipment:

  1. Navigate to Purchase -> Purchases. 

  2. Select the purchase order you wish to apply the credit note to.

  3. Select the Credit Note tab of the purchase order.

  4. Enter the credit note number and date as provided by your supplier. 

  5. Enter the credit note lines either:

    1. Automatically - Copy from the stock received tab by clicking + Copy

    2. Manually by clicking or Add more items

  1. If adding credit note lines automatically from stock received, remove any item lines that were correctly received. If the whole shipment needs to be unstocked, do not remove any lines. 

  2. In the Quantity field of the item line, enter the number of items that were incorrectly received. 

  3. Click Authorise.

  4. You will be automatically prompted to Unstock the credit note items. 

  5. Click Authorise.

The incorrectly received items will be removed from your inventory and your accounts updated.

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