You can try DEAR for 14 days free of charge. Before or after completing your free trial, you can subscribe to DEAR to keep using the system. You can modify your subscription to add/remove users and other features at any time. You can also track your payment history with DEAR and refer more users for a discount. 

  1. Signing Up for a Free Trial
  2. Subscribing to DEAR
  3. Viewing/Modifying my Subscription and Details
  4. Payment History
  5. Referral Program

Signing Up for a Free Trial

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If you're new to DEAR, you can check out its features by using a no-obligation 14-day free trial. You will not be charged anything nor will you be asked to provide a credit card during the trial period. However, to continue using DEAR after the trial period, you will need to subscribe to DEAR (for more information, see Subscribing to DEAR

To sign up for your free trial:

  1. Open the DEAR website and click Start my 14-Day Free Trial. You can also go directly to the DEAR registration page by clicking this link
  2. On the DEAR registration page, you can choose from among the three available options for your trial.
    • I need help setting up my account - this option will sign you up to a free onboarding session with DEAR customer support.
    • Set up a demo company with test data - this option will populate your DEAR account with test data from our demo company. You are free to play around with this data any way you want.
    • I don't need help - this option will set up a DEAR account with empty data, meaning that you will need to set up your own data before you can start using DEAR.
  3. Enter the required information for the option you selected in Step 3. Whichever option you choose, you will need to enter a valid email address to where we will send the login information for your master user account. You will also need to enter a valid phone number that we can verify via voice call or SMS.
  4. Click Sign Up. DEAR will then set up your free 14-day trial account.

Subscribing to DEAR

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So you've enjoyed using DEAR Systems trial, and you want to subscribe – great! To get started, navigate to My Account -> My Subscription page and click Subscribe to get started.


NOTE: If you don't want the Trial Data carried over to your live account, you can delete it before subscribing from the My Subscription page. You have the option to only perform a Transactional Data Reset, or a Full Data Reset. This option is only available on trial/demo accounts and is only visible to the master user of the organisation. 

After clicking Subscribe, you can choose the options for your new account. Select as many users, APIs, POS connections, B2B portal connections and external integrations as your business needs. Billing can be monthly or annual.

Next, you will be taken through to a secure payment page to complete your subscription. After payment, you will receive a confirmation email and, in the case of monthly billing, a recurring billing agreement to authorise DEAR to take monthly payments from your account. If the recurring billing agreement is not signed, the account will return to trial status after the paid month is completed. 

Annual subscriptions do not renew automatically - when your annual account is about to expire, you will be sent a notification reminding you to renew your subscription. 

Viewing/Modifying my Subscription and Details

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You can view your subscription status at the Account -> My Subscription page. View the Annual/Monthly plan status, the number of active users, and plan expiry date. Monthly plan users will also see an option to change payment details. 

Click Update anytime to change your subscription options (adding/removing users, POS, APIs, B2B portals, etc.)

  • Monthly: For changes to monthly subscription plans, updated charges will be processed on the next scheduled monthly payment date
  • Annual: For changes to annual subscription plans, you will be asked to pay a prorated charge for the additional users/features based on the remaining term of your subscription.

You also have the option to change from a monthly plan to an annual plan, which can be done at any time. Annual plans can only be converted to monthly plans at the end of the paid annual period. 

If your DEAR account has expired, you can reactivate it here. 

Payment History

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On the My Subscription page, you can view all payments made to DEAR for this account. Each payment includes a link to the invoice for that payment. 

Referral Program

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You can earn a discount for your plan by inviting other businesses to DEAR with your unique referral code. Each user who joins a paid DEAR subscription gets you a permanent 10% discount on your paid plan. 

NOTE: Discounts only apply to monthly plans.