Inventory Module - General Information

The functions covered in the Inventory module are:

Product/Service Management

Create, edit and manage your products and services. Enter product details including pricing, dimensions, supplier information etc. Product details can be imported and edited in bulk using CSV files. 

Product Family Management

Product Families are a way of organising products with many similar variations, for example clothing in different colours and sizes. 


Stocktakes are used to compare real life stock levels with what is stored in DEAR. Locations where a stocktake is in process are locked until the stocktake is over, no transactions or operations that can affect stock levels can take place. 

Stock Adjustments

Stock Adjustments can be used to update/correct the quantity and price of products in your Inventory. Adjustments could be due to new stock needing to be entered, removing damaged or stolen stock, data entry error etc.

Stock Transfers

Transfer stock from one location to another. 

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