Stock Transfers


Stock transfers let you move stock between two of your locations. View details of previous stock transfers by navigating to Inventory -> Stock Transfers 




Please note:

  • Transfers can be only be changed or cancelled using Void and Undo after they have been completed if no transfer items have been used in sale/production or other stock movement.

  • Stock cannot be transferred if a Stocktake is being carried out at either the to or from location.

  • Component items must be in the same location to be used together in the Production phase.



To transfer stock between locations:

  1. Navigate to Inventory -> New -> Transfer

  2. Choose a From location and To location

  3. Choose an Effective Date for the stock transfer to take effect on the system and a Reference (if required)

  4. Click +Product and select product/s you wish to move from the dropdown list

    • Click Scan to add products to transfer by scanning their barcode

    • Use Import to add products to transfer in bulk by downloading, filling in and re-uploading a CSV template

  5. Enter a Transfer Quantity for each product

  6. Enter a comment (optional)

  7. Click Complete to confirm the stock transfer or Save to save a draft.

  8. Print Inventory Adjustment Label and/or Stock Transfer document (if required)