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Create duplicate of DEAR subscription

It would be great if it were possible to create a duplicate of a DEAR subscription for testing purposes.  It would create a duplicate, maybe minus all of the transactions.  It would create a trial to start, or it could be a paid subscription to start.  Some companies would like to have this for training purposes.

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Definitely need this.. we used to be with Unleashed and they had a 'sandbox' account for testing with live data, which was basically a duplicate account so you could test integrations etc without affecting actual live data.

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Yes please create a sandbox version, I have to keep getting trial versions to test simple things as we dont want to use our live system. Also it is great for training new users also! 

Would be great to have this feature as it would save us needing to replicate production environments and manually apply configuration each time, especially when integrating new sales channels such as an eCommerce platform or adding other integrations such as CRM.

We don't want to be placing test orders in a production environment. It is frustrating having to re-configure a new test environment every 2 weeks if it is required for a longer period of time.

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Note that it is now possible to quickly create a sandbox version of DEAR.  While it is not a "copy" of your current instance of DEAR, it is more than the previous "test data" that you loaded with a trial.  It  includes a pre-configured DEAR B2B Portal and POS.  I have only explored it a bit, but seems to give a lot more of what people want in a sandbox.  I found it useful to create one to have a preconfigured POS to test with a business evaluating DEAR.  Also seems good as a temporary training sandbox.  

Below are some screenshots for doing it.  And here is the bit from the 26-Nov-2017 DEAR Release Notes:

DEMO Company – You can now try out DEAR’s new features by creating a DEMO company. The DEMO company gives you access to all features and contains fictional data which is completely separate from any other organisation you might already have as a paid subscriber. Please keep in mind that you can never convert a DEMO account to a paid subscription & the data you enter into the DEMO account will expire after 14 days.



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