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Unlimited SKU pricing plan

It is crazy that there is a hard limit of 20,000 SKUs, there needs to be an option for unlimited even if it's a different pricing tier as it understandably adds extra strain on DEAR servers.

Our business has been fortunate enough to boom as of recent and within less than 1yr of migrating to DEAR, however we are FAST approaching 20k SKUs and there seems to be nothing on the roadmap for an increase which will inevitably force us to jump ship to continue to grow.

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I agree. This theoretical limit is nonsensical. We import our supplier catalogues and basically will hit that limit tomorrow if I brought them all in. Now we have to sift through pricelists to try and exclude certain products. Very difficult. The 20K SKU limit is also not really mentioned anywhere when purchasing. I would not have bought if I had known this
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