Recurring Orders/Invoices

In DEAR Inventory you can create recurring Sales Orders/Invoices, at weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annual intervals. 

To create a recurring sales invoice:

  1. Create a sale order as above or choose an existing sale order from Sale -> Orders -> View All

  2. In the document header, check the Recurring Task box

  3. Choose a Recurring Frequency from the dropdown list

  4. Authorise the Sale Order and Sale Invoice as usual

  5. New sales orders will be generated every recurring frequency interval from the date of the Sale Invoice. 

  6. Fulfil and authorise these generated sales orders as usual.

To view the sales orders that are currently set to repeat, navigate to Sale -> Recurring Invoices. Recurring invoices will either be automatically generated on the date set, however to generate one earlier, select it from the list on this screen and click Create Invoices.

DEAR Inventory can only create invoices from the present date, not in the past. If the original invoice date and invoice frequency indicate a past date, DEAR will automatically set the recurring invoice date to the closest future interval. This date can be changed if required.

For example, a recurring invoice is generated from an invoices dated 27th of April and the current date is the 25th of October with a monthly frequency. As the next invoice date would be the 27th of May (in the past), the next invoice will be generated on the 27th of October.