Quick Keys Setup

Within your register, you are now able to add buttons called Quick keys which enable you to quickly put through sales of your most popular products.

To set up Quick Keys:

  1. Navigate to  Integrations > DEAR POS > Quick Keys
  2. Click Quick Key template
  1. Enter the Quick Key template name and click Save

  1. Click Add Quick Key button
  2. Enter the Quick Key name
  3. Once you have given your Quick Key a name, you can start adding products to this key either by Brand, Category or Tag.

  1. You can add an Image to display on your Quick Key: Browse your files for the image you want then Upload to the Quick Key
  2. Go to Outlets tab and select a register. Under Register, details select a Quick Key template. From now on this Quick Key will be shown in your selected POS register screen.

  1. The Quick Key will be displayed on your POS register as follows:

  1. Clicking on the Quick Key will display all Brands, Categories & Tags chosen in the template.

  1. To return back to viewing all Quick Keys click the Quick Key link at the bottom of the register screen.