Loyalty is a system where your customers earn dollars to spend in your store with every purchase they make.

1. It's designed to be as simple as possible for you and your customers

2. The aim of a loyalty program is to increase customer retention, and to provide you with valuable information about your customer base.

3. Loyalty needs to be enabled in the setup tab.

4. All Products in Store will be allocated a Loyalty Amount. This amount is based on the ratio you choose.

5. You can choose to customize the loyalty amount on certain products. This allows you to set a No Loyalty or Extra Loyalty on preferred products.


6. These loyalty amounts will be earned on all sales to eligible customers. Your customers can redeem their loyalty on any products in your store.

Customers are automatically signed up to the Loyalty Program however you can manuallydisable customers from earning Loyalty points.

To disable simply go to the side menu and select:

Customers > select the customer you wish to turn off loyalty for

7. Each time a customer makes a purchase their receipt will include the Loyalty they earned as well as their total balance available to spend.

8. If a customer pays for part of their purchase with Loyalty, they will earn Loyalty on some of the sale.

E.g. 40% of the sale was paid with Loyalty therefore the customer will earn Loyalty on the remaining 60% of the sale only.

In the Table below:

  •  Products 1,2 & 3 earn .10 for every $1 spent

Now for example a customer has a total purchase of $60 and has paid 25% of the sale with Loyalty ($15) and 75% with their own money ($45). This will mean that they will not earn loyalty points on the entire sale ($60) they will however earn Loyalty on the sale that they have paid with their own money ($45). The customer will earn $4.50 of Loyalty for the $60 purchase.

Sale Price


Product 1



Product 2



Product 3







Turning Loyalty On

Go to:

  • Integrations Tab within DEAR Inventory
  • Open Setup Tab
  • Click Enable Loyalty Check box

 Choose the amount a customer needs to spend to earn $1 or currency applicable for your business

Customize your Products

Once you have enabled Loyalty, you can customize the loyalty amounts earned on some products. You can set them to zero loyalty, or set them to a fixed amount.

To Customize a products Loyalty:

  • Navigate to the Catalog Tab and select the required product
  • In the loyalty section, type the amount you would like to set
  • Click Save

Turn Loyalty Off for Existing Customers

There are some people in your Customer List that you may wish to Disable Loyalty for.

To remove a customer from your Loyalty Program:

1. Navigate to the side panel on the left and click Customers

2. From the list select the customer you would like to view

3. Press the Green Button to disable Loyalty

4. Press Save to apply the changes

How does Loyalty work with Discounts?

When you discount a product in a sale, Loyalty will be earned on the sale price not on the full price.

E.g. Full price: $12
       Sale price: $6
Loyalty will be earned on $6

How do customers redeem their Loyalty?

Customers can pay with Loyalty by simply selecting the Loyalty Button when making a purchase. Customers can choose to pay for the purchase:

  • Pay the entire purchase with Loyalty
  • Pay part of the sale with Loyalty

If the customer does not have enough Loyalty to pay for the whole sale, a message will appear asking the customer if they would like to make a partial loyalty payment.

The customer can click Make Partial Payment and then choose another payment method to finalize the balance.

What happens when I complete a return?

When you return a product, the loyalty amount associated with that item will be removed from the customer's account.