Customer Statement Reports

A Customer Statement Report is a report consisting of a consolidated list of all the transactions carried out for a particular customer.

It is a good business practice to send regular statements to your customers so they are aware of the amounts still owing on their account which will ensure on time payments.


To create a customer statement report:

  1. Navigate to Sales -> Customers 
  2. Click on the More Actions and select Sales Statements from the drop down.  

  3. Select your Date range and Customer 
  4. Click Print and select one of the 2 following options from the dropdown. Alternatively, you can email them directly to the customer by clicking Email.
    • Sale Statement Activity – Activity statement will show all activity within the selected date range. If there are invoices still unpaid from before the date range you have selected, these will be summarized as a brought forward balance. Then all the invoice and payments received within the selected period will be listed giving you a total due balance at the end. That’s how an activity statement works, this is often the preferred method when you are issuing several invoices per month to a customer.

    • Sale Statement Outstanding – This statement will show all invoices with outstanding amounts left on the as at the date you have selected. This option is useful when a customer wants a complete list of all unpaid invoices going all the way to the beginning rather than older period ones been represented just as a brought forward balance.