Receipts & Expense Claims

Enter receipts for any spending you have incurred on behalf of the business and submit these receipts on an Expense Claim so you can be reimbursed.


  • Set up Tax Rules (necessary)
  • Set up Accounts (necessary)

  1. Add a Receipt to an Expense Claim
  2. Authorise an Expense Claim

Add a Receipt to an Expense Claim

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To add a new receipt to your current expense claim:

  1. Navigate to Financials -> Receipts.
  2. Click + to add a new receipt/expense claim.
  3. Enter supplier details, employee, date of the expense. NOTE: default currency will be displayed but this can be changed if this is an expense incurred for example during overseas travel. If a different currency is selected you will be given an exchange rate applicable to that date, DEAR downloads the latest exchange rates from XE currency converter however this rate can be manually overwritten as it is most likely that the bank would have given a different rate. 
  4. Select applicable tax rule and then select an account that this transaction will need to be coded to.
  5. For each item of the expense claim, click or Add more Items and enter Quantity and Price. The tax rule & account applicable to this transaction will be pre-populated from the document header but can be changed if required for every line on the receipt.
  6. In the Attachments tab you can add various supporting documents to substantiate your claim such as a scanned copy of the invoice/receipt. 
  7. Once you are happy with all the details click Save and proceed to the next stage.

  1. Navigate back to Financials > Receipts  In this screen you can see a list of all submitted and draft expense claims. 
  2. On the left hand side select the expense claim you would like to submit for approval and click Submit for Approval button. Confirm the approval message to submit the claim.

Approve an Expense Claim

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Only users with authorisation can approve expense claims. 

To approve an Expense Claim:

  1. Navigate to Financials -> Expense Claims.
  2. Click on the claim with status pending.

  1. Review the expense claim and click Approve
  2. Next step is to select the payment date & Effective Date and click Authorise. Once the receipt is authorised you can apply payment to it when this expense is reimbursed.