Add (Post) or Edit a Manual Journal

Add (Post) or Edit a Manual Journal

Add or edit a manual journal in DEAR, then save it as a draft or post it to the general ledger. Manual journals can be used for any transaction the accountant wishes to post directly to the General Ledger. 


  1. Enter or Edit a Manual Journal
  2. View Activity Logs

Enter or Edit a Manual Journal

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To enter a new Manual Journal:

  1. Go to Financials -> New -> Journal.
  2. In the Narration field, enter the title or purpose of the journal entry. Keep narrations clear and specific. 
  3. Enter the Date the transaction occurs
  4. Click or Add more items to add line items to the journal. Lines require a Description, Amount, and Accounts to be debited/credited. 

  1. Supporting images/documents can be attached to the Manual Journey from the Attachments tab if required. 

  1.  When completed, click Authorise to complete the manual journal or Save to keep a draft that can be edited. Authorised journals will display under Financials -> Journals  

View Activity Logs

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Activity Logs shows changes made to each journal, including creation, edit, void, and identifies which user performed each action. They can be viewed by going to Activity Logs tab of each journal entry. 

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