Add or edit a manual journal in DEAR, then save it as a draft or post it to the general ledger. 

Enter or Edit a Manual Journal

Go to Financials > Journals Report > New Journal.


The title or purpose of the journal entry. This is what will identify the journal when it is displayed in the view all list of manual journals. Keep your narrations clear and specific so that it's easy to find the journal and the reversed version of it if necessary.


Effective date of the journal (the date the transaction occurs and is posted in the General Ledger). Regardless of when this date is, it will receive the next Journal ID in the sequence upon posting (draft journals don't have a Journal ID). The Journal ID will display on the View all Journals screen.

Enter or Edit Line Details


A description for this item on the manual journal.


Select the account that each journal line item is to be assigned to. The accounts listed are those in your Chart of Accounts.

If a suitable account does not exist in the Chart of Accounts for the line item, you can add one by going to Settings > Reference Books>Financial>Chart of Accounts.

File Attachments

Upload files directly to attach to a manual journal entry.


Activity Logs

Check history when journal was created, edited or voided and by which user.


Add or Delete Journal Lines

To add a new line, click the + Line button and select account from drop down.

To delete a journal line, click the red trash icon on the right.

Save a Manual Journal

Save as draft

A new journal that you're creating or one in draft that you are editing can be saved as a draft.

Post a Manual Journal


Click Authorise next to the save button and the journal will be posted to the General Ledger. The posted journal will display under Financials > Journals > View All.