Order Routing

This feature is created to simplify the Sale Order process. Once an order is in, the system will automatically find the item in a retailers inventory nearest to the provided shipping location and get the product to the customer.

Setting up Order Routing

Users are able to set up Order Routing by configuring the settings within Reference books by turning on and adding the store/warehouse location/s in order to figure out the ideal location from which to source the product from inventories.

Order Routing settings

  1. Navigate to Settings > Reference books > Stock > Order Routing.
  2. Turn ON "Order Routing".
  3. Define Order routing fields by clicking on "+Locations"
  4. Save

Order Routing Fields


  • This is a Mandatory field.
  • All sales to the defined Country will be routed to the defined store Location.

State/Province and City/Suburb

  • This is a Mandatory field
  • The Users can enter only the country and State or Country, State, and City, but on the Country, City and Postal Code.


  • This is a Mandatory field.
  • Store location of the products to be distributed.

Keep Routing Setting.

Having the Routing setting turned ON will continue to complete any eCommerce sale even though an inventory location is out of stock and the system has controls if the order routing needs to be applied to a sale or not based on the availability of a product in an identified location. Moreover, if the inventory location is out of stock and if the Keep Routing Setting disabled, the Dear system will automatically pick a location to process the sale.

Keep Routing settings

  • Switch ON Order Routing
  • Switch ON Keep Routing, regardless of stock status.

eCommerce Integrations settings

To Configure Online integrated applications such as Amazon, Shopify, eBay etc. the user needs to set "Location for online sales" field to "Order Routing". This is set up in the integrations page in Dear.

  • In Dear Systems Navigate to Settings > Integration > Define Integrated Application (Shopify, eBay etc.) > Select "Location for online Sales" > from drop down select "Order routing"

Note: Order Routing is available only for eCommerce sales such as  Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Woocomerce, Handshake, Magento, Ship Station, Shopify regular sales, NOT for POS Shopify sales channels.

Tips and Tricks

  • The user can set up One routing zone to One location only, however, a Single location can be mapped for Several routing zones.
  • The user can set up a manual correspondence between the shipping address and the location, that will be primary for shipping address.
  • If the shipping address from Sale corresponds to the shipping zone in Location-Routing mapping an appropriate location is pre-filled in the Sale task header.
  • If the shipping address from the Sale doesn't correspond to the shipping zone in the Location-Routing mapping - by default, the location will be pre-filled in Sale task header.
  • The "Location" value in the Sale task header field can be changed manually, by selecting the appropriate value from the drop-down.
  • When a sale has been made in an Online Store (any e-commerce application) without defining a location and Order Routing is turned ON in DEAR, the system will map a location to please the order based on the shipping address or set the default location for an order.