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Linking Sales orders to Purchase Orders

Dear users need to be able to link a Sales order to a Purchase order and report on this.

Currently the only workaround for this is to use drop shipping and this does not allow fulfillment activities in the Sales Order.

Please can you consider adding this link between items on the sales order and which purchase order they were ordered in

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We are pleased to inform that we are planning to add the above to the Development roadmap. Please check the Development roadmap periodically for updates.

The DEAR Team

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Hi Rodney, 

Any idea when we can expect this feature? 


Hi all

Reorder Backordered functionality now links purchase orders created for specific backordred sales. We also have automatic notification  that informs users that backordered orders  received



Hi DEAR, we created a backorder sale. How to link it to an existing purchase order?

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Yes I have the same question. 

You can create a reorder backorder. However, I cant see anything from the sales order passing through to the purchase. Order line item comments , Sales order comments are not passed through, and at the same time there were no link visible.

Can you please let me know if I have missed anything.


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I thought it was just me. I can not see the link either. What are we missing.

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Hi Guys, 

Any updates on this? I dont see how you have marked this as implemented.

I have create couple of SO and converted the SO to a PO using Reorder/Back ordered. 

1. Sales order line comments didnt come through to the PO.

2. There is no SO reference on the PO

3. There is no visible link on the PO, to see if a SO is linked

4. No order memo or SO comment copied through to the PO.

5.Logs and attributes has no link to the SO.

I would expect all of the above to happen when you link a SO to a PO. None of the above mentioned is visible on the PO. Infact there is not even a link on the SO. 

Can you please explain what you have done so far?? 


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DEAR support are not answering our questions which means linking an SO to a PO (which is the subject of this thread), is not possible.

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DEAR support previous comment (see image) is not related to this thread which created confusion from my side!

Why hasn't this been implemented? Sounds pretty obvious to be done for reporting purposes?

I would like to humbly ask if link for PO and SO are being implemented?
If yes, can I ask for assistant on this please?
Thank you.

As the originator of this request, please can I ask for clarity in the functionality. Can you post a knowledge-base link for us please.

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