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Attachments to customers

It would be great to be able to attach documents to a customer.  The obvious items to attach are credit applications, contracts ect

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I  agree. It would be really nice. For examples, the map to the customer office, picture profile so you can remember what he/she looks like.

Thanks for the suggestion. It would be great to have this functionality.

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Upvoting this! We need it badly as we need to attached wholesale and professional account approval documents directly to the customer.

Great idea. 

As well as terms and conditions and credit account applications that we may want to send to new customers, we also have to send product technical data sheets and material safety data sheets to customers. These are attachments saved under the product details; it would be great if we had the option to add that information to a Quote or Order Confirmation (i.e. select from the attachments associated with each of the individual product lines on an order). 

Also voting for this feature. In addition to attachments, it would be important to have an activity log. else how do you ensure appropriate segregation of duties that would allow the Sales team to update contact information while restricting credit limit and terms to be edited by Finance only, with an activity log there would at least be an adequate audit trail which would act as a compensating control. Attachments (and as a bonus call/meeting and e-mail log) would even further enhance the application.  

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