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Create a New Purchase (Advanced Features) option

We place orders with suppliers for a period (usually a month) and we then draw down on this order as we need it every few days. The supplier delivers the required part of the month's order as required. We can receive 10 or more deliveries on the same supplier invoice in a month.

The way this is processed currently on Dear is not easy.

Specifically, having to manually adjust and update the total number of any items received at that point and Saving rather than Authorising is open to errors. See the heading "To process multiple deliveries with a single invoice:" on this page:

Can you create an Advanced Features version of Purchases in the same way that you have for Sales, that allows easy part order receipts and generally a simpler and more efficient interface?

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This would be an incredibly useful feature for us - please create an advanced feature version for purchases as you have in Sales

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this would be a fantastic feature to have available

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