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API - additions and limit

Please add the following endpoints:

"Issue to Production" (POST/PUT) - or allow bulk csv to be imported (with different locations/expense accounts on different rows)

"Stock Adjustment" (POST/PUT) - or allow bulk csv to be imported (with different expense accounts on different rows)

The current limit of 60 calls per hour is very strict. Xero allows 60 calls per minute. Is there a chance to increase the limit? Could the limit be relaxed for one IP address?

Is the current limit set per user/company account or per API application? If it is set per application, is there a restriction on how many applications a user/company can implement?

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Definitely Stock Adjustments (including transfers).

I feel like this is a big missing piece for non-stock finance integrations.

I also think that there should be an endpoint that allows Bulk upload of products with the API.

Sending through JSON.

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