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Recurring Purchase Orders

We'd love to have the ability to have the system create recurring POs for items we regularly reorder. 

For each supplier, we could 'favourite' a list of items that 'MUST NOT BE OUT OF STOCK' and have Dear, using prefilled data in supplier contact info etc, create a PO and fire it off to the supplier. 

Even better would be a connection with demand planning software, so as the system learned what was and is  popular, it created POs intelligently - again with the oversight of the user having added these items to a list of products that are ok to reorder. 

Dear could even suggested additions to this list 'hey dear user, product xxx is hot right now and you only have stock based on current sales for x more days, would you like to add it to your supplier x recurring product list?

In many ways, this could save hours of time, reduce unwanted inventory and streamline processes. 


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