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Decimal Places

Please provide an option to round prices to two decimal places throughout i.e. not just display two decimals but round off.

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Decimals are tricky. I just ran into the problem where I'm creating a disassembly from one double pack of products into two single packs. Let's say the double pack cost $6.97. Dividing by two results in $3.485. When I load the BOM, the price per unit is displayed as $3.48 and yet the total still adds up to $6.97. So this is where you need and want the extra decimals but you also want to be able to see the meaningful fractional cents, perhaps up to four places (which is what's used in the Maximum Quantity field for disassemblies). I ended up just breaking the result into two individual units with on priced at $3.48 and the other at $3.49. Better that than an invisible fraction of a cent.

I'd also like to see decimal places in the Dimensions tab of a product record. If I enter a value as "4.250" then that is what I want to see.

So maybe the site-wide setting for decimals should not be on/off, but should be "decimal precision" and then you specify up to 4 or 5 places. Obviously, rounding would then be assumed to be applied automatically by DEAR when precision is set to less than needed: if you set precision to "2" then values with a third place would be rounded.

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Thanks Mark, you've set it out clearly.

Come on DEAR, how about some response to this one? This issue clearly needs some attention.

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How about a General Setting to control the number of visible decimal places on pricing? You do it for quantity. Why not pricing? 

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4 decimal points in an accounting system for a value is strange

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This is particularly needed on the B2B portal. Prices are displayed to 4 decimals. Surely the norm would be two in this case even if all the decimals are preserved in the system?

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There should be a setting to ask how many decimal places you want. It's a weird drawback tot he system.

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This is an issue for us also, as our pricing structure is a discount off of an rrp - we now have to reconfigure our pricing due to this issue, which is by no means a quick task....

A simple setting would make things so much simpler, especially when it is already there for quantity.

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Any update on this Dear or a plan to have this developed in the road map - it really is a basic requirement - failing that more pricing tiers are needed - we simply need a solution!

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