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Sales by product from Dear API


We need to export our sales for each product to a spreadsheet for forecasting and order calculation.

I would like to replicate the 'Sales By Product Details Report' with the API. 

The difficulty is that we have to get the sale list and then loop through for each sale and download the invoice lines, however I have not managed to extract the invoice lines from the JSON in excel.

Does anyone know a more direct way of accessing invoice lines or how to get the invoice lines from the Sale JSON?

Many thanks

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Im supprised that such a powerful software is missing a "sales per" day/week/month/year feature. Ive come from MYOB retail manager and that 20 year old software had it in a very easy tab of the product window. We also use this information as a tool to help us set min&reorder and place a puchase order. It helps us to order product bas3d on data not a gut feel. It helps answer: Do i order item a or item b?

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Old question I know but still worth answering.

I find the best way to deal with this sort of issue is to drag the data into a database and do of the workings there.

I have a Dear to Zoho analytics feed deployed to a few clients, including consolidation of multiple Dear accounts of different base currencies. The best way to get advanced reporting is to use a tool designed for the job; zoho analytics is quite powerful and very good value. 

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